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Us Iran war news

usa and iran

usa and iran

How it all started ?

America as we all know is a supreme power and wishes to maintain its supremacy across all the nations on the globe . The main reason to this tension is killing of  Qasem Soleimani an Iranian general in a drone attack near Baghdad.Hence America enters into one more war in middle east.

History about Iran and United states relations :

Iran and United states did not had great relations since the period of 1980’s. Pakistan acts as supporting power of Iran in United States while for USA its Switzerland. In the world war 2 Iran was invaded by United Kingdom and Soviet Union both of them are great allies of USA.Both the countries served a great alliance during the time of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi’, But things changed after the  Iranian Revolution. 

The main reason for the breakage of this relation is stated as america’s arrogant nature and its inner desire to be a supremacy dominance.


In 1995 USA made it worse by implementation of trade penalties over the trade between Iran and USA , which made the country losing a powerful customer base .

What does the citizens of both the countries say ?

Source BBC voting poll in the year of 2013.

American citizens hold a minimal like about Iran while a contrasting fact about Iran people that they didn’t had any fact of arrogance for the people of USA. Both countries shared a common agenda where they had no clash of interests is repelling Sunni militants.

United States Embassy Bombing :

USA had always proclaimed that  Hezbollah, a  Islamist organization from Iran who was involved in United States Embassy bombing in the year of 1983 which led to deaths of about 17 Americans.

One american district court in the year of 2003 ruled out that the following attack was carried out with the Iranian backings.

It was suggested that the following organisation was supported by the Iranian ministry of Intelligence and it came out as a bad image.

America killed innocent people : Flight 655 incident

In the year of 1988 American army aimed a missile and shot down an AirBus A300B2 , which was a commercial flight departed for  Strait of Hormuz . The USA agencies stated that it was a war plane and didn’t responded to the radio calls but the calls were made.


According to the agencies it was said that the government of Iran said that this attack was made knowingly and this was not at all a good thing as it lead to deaths of so many innocent people.

USA on the other hand was not only reluctant to take this unethical act’s responsibility it made worst when they even not fealt sorry for the work they did.

Under Bush administration : 

In the year of 2000’s Irans  Mohammad Khatami stated to the USA’s Bush’s foreign Secretary that they were sympathetic for  terrorists attacks on USA but also expressed deep grief for the affected peoples.He also suggested that they never had any hard feelings for the Americans hence they national peoples should not suffer due to the differences created by the terror groups.

After this Incident American radio channel published a news where they stated that they are overwhelmed with the support and the great words of the Iranian people they shall try their level best to lead the peaceful regime here on maintaining peaceful relations between the two countries.

Then both the countries fought together the fight against the Taliban regime and made them walk out.

USA LAUNCHED  Iran Freedom and Support Act.

During the year of 2006 the Iran freedom and support act was launched by the United states government and famous politicians from both the countries participated in the peaceful movement.This act was mainly launched with the aim to support the non governmental organisations working in Iran , a huge sum of money was pumped in and it turned out to be a great help indeed for the country.

Party for a Free Life in Kurdistan (PEJAK)  and its links with Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) 

Everything was moving on pace with great feelings but in the year of 2006 Party for a Free Life in Kurdistan (PEJAK) which is said to be a close aid of Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) killed about 24 people of Iranian Security Forces. THE PKK IS ALSO STATED AS A TERRORIST ORGANISATION BY THE USA AGENICIES.

Things went unstable in the country it was also stated by one of the USA president that the PEJAK was assisted by the USA authorities.

Iran later accused United states to aid the terror organisations for the infiltration and also claimed that the states has aided the organisation like al-Qaeda. Things changed when the President Obama was selected as the new leader of the states , it was stated that the country of Iran welcomed the new president with thoughts of great in future relations between the two countries.This was a little brief about the things of the past but the relations are now changed. Here is the latest updates as on 8-1-2020.

The latest information as per the famous television channel suggests that the United states bases were attacked within the country in revenge for the leader’s death.Lately President Trump stated late on Tuesday that ALL IS WELL.

Things are definitely not fine !!

Different countries are indirectly coming up in support of both the parties if things are not cooled down, there is definitely a possibility of world war 3.