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America and China trade war



United states of America – President Trump had made his intentions clear about imposing the duties over goods imported from China.

How did it all started :

President Donald Trump in the year of  2018 started imposing tariffs and charges over the Chinese goods forcing it to implement changes on their so called UN fair trade policies. If we see the old trends since the year of 1980 President Donald Trump was always reluctant against the Chinese goods or be it be anything that is imported outside USA , he wanted to promote the industrial growth of the nation by upgrading the countries manufacturing practices , he was always inclined towards the countries in house production capabilities . According to the sources it was suggested that he believed that importing goods not only kills the manufacturing growth of the nation but also is a potential threat to the countries economy.

Since the past it was seen that China became a reliable source for the various sources of goods and raw materials across different industries in the country , imposing the trade tariffs on the goods has not only hit the countries manufacturing sector who were dependent for different kind of raw materials also the farming sector is too affected by the policies .

In the start everyone thought the the news was fake , but things went wild once it was public.Researchers and economic experts have suggested that this shall turn up causing different changes across various aspects over the economies at per different part of the globe.

As per the latest studies it was suggested that the countries present in south east Asia like Thailand, Indonesia and some others would be benefited as they have now the gaps to fill for the products that were sourced from China.

As per the latest stats it was quoted that the Chinese goods dominated the import markets covering about 47-49% of the entire imports in the States.Chinese government was always reluctant to open relations and investment opportunities in many sectors for foreign investments while on the other hand USA was never like that it promoted open trade policies and was open for investment opportunities too. Its also well known across different countries that the Chinese Government always does some alterations in the currency which lead to major threat across manufacturing sectors across various domains in different geographies.

Lets see how it all started from the year of 2018.

In the Month of January   President Trump imposed tariffs over the washing machines and the solar sets that were coming from China followed by the tariffs over the aluminium and steel in the month of March. To this action China responded by imposing reverse tariffs to over 126 products that it imported from the country

After the course of conflicts the supreme leaders of the countries met in states and China agreed to reduce the tariffs across different products.In the month of June since there was a rough face going on negotiations between the countries President Trump introduced a lots of tariffs across major products of China to which the Chinese responded that the States is trying to ruin their reputation and they wont see the economies of their country hit by that so they proposed taxes on the products imported by the states, and the war gained some benzene which was not lit from a time.USA also in return imposed banned on various industrial personnel as well as goods that were associated with China.

In the month of August Mr.David Malpass and Mr Wang Shouwen met at Washington DC to discuss  and negotiate the proceedings , Then the matter caught fire in the month of May 2019 when President Trump signed an order 13873 which restricts the USA information and technology export to the foreign nations it was aimed to affect the Chinese Telecom industry .

Since the negotiation in the past suggested that China would be buying goods from the continent which are eccentric to the farming areas but the data reflected that the country was not doing so, he was upset to that and announced that the trade tariff policies that were on halt for the period of time shall reimpose. This announcement affected the Chinese Central bank with fallo over of 2% in just 2 days after the information was released over twitter, this was the biggest fall which was ever seen.

Finally in the month of August 2019 President Trump announced that companies in the states should start looking for alternatives for their supplier in China,In the month of October  the information came that China as agreed with the states that they shall be purchasing the american high quality farm products from now agreeing to no fluctuations and discrepancies .

Due to this prolonged cat fight between the nations it was reported in the month of January 2020 that the american economy was also hit bad especially the sectors dealing the manufacturing of the goods as their main suppliers were from China.

Due to this prolonged tensions the farmers of the countries were too hit hard it is said that the  2020 United States presidential election Mr Trump is suspected to get effected by the pro longed tensions and economic un certainty caused by the tariffs .

Will export from India increase after the USA & China trade war?

India is a major exporter from the Asian continent and caters the USA market for a great variety of products across different verticals,people in the Indian subcontinent are curious to know what will be the impact over the Indian exports from USA china trade war?   it is certain if things like this continues it will definitely be a chance for Indian goods to enter the USA markets , with a great population and demand to cater industries in USA have already started looking for alternatives in the Indian subcontinent , India is believed to cater goods like steel, iron, different industrial tools, apparels, chemicals,natural raw materials like rubber and petroleum products the list is endless. Exporters are now exited by the opportunity that they have now , India is believed to have great relations with USA and it is said that the Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is in great terms with President Trump and recently they had talks related to the trade expansion policies in the G7 summit. Indian continent is also well known for its expertise in the Information and Technology field too and this is well known across the USA markets , many of the USA IT services are out sourced in India too.

Thus on one hand the trade war has not only opened gates for some countries who were affected by the Chinese government unethical ways of operation but also given some hard hiccups to China to re think about the world trade policies.