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Thailand nightlife-Complete Guide to your stay in Thailand

So you are planning a trip to the land of smiles, One should definitely visit Thailand for a beautiful vacation , So now without wasting time let me come on the topic of Thailand nightlife , how is it ,how much budget you should have etc.

(I have given all the expenses in Thai Bath, you can convert your currency according the rates said)

Lets start with the stay , in Thailand you have two kinds of facilities available depending upon how many person you are you can either take beds in traditional hostels or you want a comfy room you can book the hotel rooms according to your choice.

Budget for a decent hostel bed shall range anywhere between 300-600 bath per night you get a chance to meet different kinds of people hang around with them , get to know their cultures .

Secondly the rates of the hotels are available all over the internet you can anytime visit any online platform and book through them on an average a decent 3 star hotel room with an occupancy of 2 person shall be around 1000-2500 bath per night depending upon the area where you are taking the room.

Then lets now talk about the food you have all different kinds of cuisines available in Thailand due to its friendly relations with every continent you can get any kind of food you like with the restaurant from your country , in Thailand many people have migrated and started their own restaurants, Bars and cafe which serve all kinds of food that you will need.

You one need not worry about the food you have everything available in Thailand , One should definitely try traditional Thai food on the visit to Thailand as they have their own uniqueness.

Lets come to the main and important topic for the people who love to drink.

Thailand has some traditional brands of Beers like Chang , Tiger , Singha each of them is one of its kind and they all have the their unique tastes , a small can of each of them is about 35 Bath and a bottle shall cost you around 65-75 Bath (This is the price for the 7/11 in Thailand) if you visit a local bar or pub prices shall vary a bit but not much , In Thailand people don’t charge much over the drinks instead they would try their level best to get drunk and enjoy you to your limits and spend money on tips and bar fines 😉 .

Thailand nightlife has various faces if you are at the mid of the country you can hang out at some locals bars with great Thai girls hanging around you serving you drinks, you can sit your friends and have a splendid time there.

If you are at a coastal area you can hang out at the beaches they usually have beach parties over almost all the major tourist locations. Then come the Thailand Night life one of the major attraction that is the fish bowl massage you have massage centers across all the major areas where you can select the massage girl of your choice and have some good time , this shall cost you anywhere between 1500-3000 bath, Thailand night is awesome you shall definitely enjoy your stay at the country , it would be great if you could learn some Thai phrases like Swadee – FOR WISHING SOMEONE IN THAI, Sabadi – ASKING IF HE/SHE IS FINE, KHA- HER , KRAB- HIM ,KHOP KUN MA KRAB/KHA FOR SAYING THANK YOU .

Hope this article would be helpful , feel free to post your queries in the comment box our team shall get back to you.